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Tune Ups


Advanced mobile Tune Will tune your vehicle using the latest electronic tuning equipment to make sure you get the best possible performance and fuel economy out of your vehicle, below is a list of what we check as part of the tune up:

Under Bonnet:

  • Carry Out Engine Compression Test
  • Check Tappets Or Lifters For Noise & Report
  • Inspect Emission Control System
  • Inspect Operation of E.G.R
  • Inspect P.C.V Valve Operation

Electrical System:

  • Check  Battery
  • Load Test Battery
  • Inspect/Top Up Electrolyte Level
  • Inspect Battery Terminals
  • Test Starter Motor
  • Test Alternator Voltage Output Under Load
  • Test Park Neutral Switch Operation
  • Check Power Supply Cables Securely Mounted

Carburettor And Fuel System:

  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Check Fuel Lines, Hoses And Pipes
  • Inspect And Check Carburettor Condition And Security
  • Inspect And Adjust Carburettor Idle & Mixture Air Speed Screws
  • Inspect Vacuum Lines & Hoses
  • Inspect Idle Stop Solenoid Operation

Ignition System:

  • Check Colour and Wear Characteristics of Old Plugs and Points
  • Inspect Ignition Leads for Wear or Burn Marks
  • Inspect Ignition Leads for Security and Mounting
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Inspect and Adjust Spark Plug Gaps
  • Check Ignition Coil Voltage Output
  • Check Ignition Coil for Cracks or Leaks
  • Inspect Main Engine Earth
  • Check And Adjust Ignition Timing To Manufactures Specifications

Electronic Fuel Injection System:

  • Inspect Throttle Body 
  • Check Operation Of Injectors
  • Inspect Fuel Rail Condition & Security
  • Adjust Idle Air Speed
  • Check And Inspect E.F.I Components For correct Operation


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